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Proteomics Service

N-Cell Technology is dedicated to provides custom Proteomics Service for the identification and quantification of general proteins or posttranslationally modified proteins (e.g. Phosphorylated proteins). Our general services cover:

  • Tandem MS service (AB Sciex QTRAP® 5500 LC/MS/MS System, Waters QTOF or Thermo LTQ) for Proteomics research
  • 15N Metabolic Labelling service of plants and bacteria
  • Protein enrichment, extraction and purification service
  • Protein/Peptide sequencing service
  • Small peptide synthesis service
  • MS data anlysis service
  • Drug effectiveness testing service of phamaceutical and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Proteomics experiment consultation service (e.g. SILAC, 15N Labelling in various model organisms)


We also offer project-based service, including sample preparation, method development and assay development. For details please, please contact our researcher.

Proteomics is about the study of the Proteome in cells/tissues/organisms. Proteomics studies begin with the identification of proteins concerning a particular biological state. Although there are different techniques available, tandem mass spectrometry arguably is the most powerful techniques. In a single experimental run, thousands of proteins could be identified. Significant insights for a biological question often obtained when these identified proteins are carefully clustered according to the nature of their biological functions. For example, one can fractionate and compare the plasma membrane proteins on different cell types to deduce their biological functions.

N-Cell Technology offer high quality protein identification service. If you like to know what proteins exist in your sample, contact our researcher now!


Protein Identification Service

Signalling pathways in eukaryotic cells often characterized by phosphorylation and dephosphorylation. Sometimes a researcher might be interested to know what proteins are phosphorylated in a particular biological state. With proper fractionation and enrichment technique, mass spectrometer can be used to identify phosphoproteins in a sample.

N-Cell Technology offer high quality phosprotein identification service. If you also want to know what phosphoproteins exist in your sample, contact our researcher now!


Phosphoprotein Identification Service

When identity information is obtained, one might be interested to know how the level of the proteins of interest change with different physiological conditions. There are many different ways to obtain quantitative information for a sample from the data generated by mass spectrometer. Roughly, they can be ranked in descending order based on their accuracy:

1. Internal Standard

2. Metabolic labelling

3. Chemical Labelling

4. Label-Free Method

When choosing a proper quantitative method, one should also consider the number of samples to be analyzed in parallel and the amino acid composition of the targeted proteins.

N-Cell Technology have researchers experienced in different quantification methods. Follow the link of each quantification service listed below to find out how we can help you.


Protein Quantification Services

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