mzXML Plotter

Do you want to plot a professional graph out of a specific region of mass spectrum ?

If you find it very troublesome to extract a specific region from a mass spectrum in mzXML, we have a solution for you.

With the following software, you can easily extract a sub-region from a specific scan in mzXML and plot it professionally with plotly.

mzXML Plotter






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Usage description:

This software will output a link to a online plotting tool, plotly. It opens the browser automatically.

To run the software, you will have to convert the your raw data file to mzXML file using msconvert than run it through the software.
If it is the first time running the tool, you will have to generate a cache file first. This will greatly facilitate spectrum extraction in future as you don't have to scan through the whole file to find the spectrum. With the cache file, the software directly extract the spectrum from the file without searching.
Once cache file generated, you can than enter the scan number and desired m/z region. The software will extract it and send the data to a online plotting tool for plotting. The browser will open automatically.
This software is supposed to run it Windows and have java installed.




# Seems greatTimothy 2014-11-03 16:25
I have finding this kind of software for so long. It really ease my analysis progress. Now, I can plot any MS1 spectrum very quick. :lol:
# A surprisingly useful tool for publishing MS dataDennis 2014-11-04 07:49
I used to think this is another crappy software for viewing MS data, but after explore it for few minutes, I found it surprisingly useful. It makes plotting MS1 graph much easier than before.