Do you want to plot a professional graph out of a specific region of mass spectrum ?

If you find it very troublesome to extract a specific region from a mass spectrum in mzXML, we have a solution for you.

With the following software, you can easily extract a sub-region from a specific scan in mzXML and plot it professionally with plotly.

mzXML Plotter






We will continue to release more new Proteomics tools here. Keep in touch with us.


Usage description:

This software will output a link to a online plotting tool, plotly. It opens the browser automatically.

To run the software, you will have to convert the your raw data file to mzXML file using msconvert than run it through the software.
If it is the first time running the tool, you will have to generate a cache file first. This will greatly facilitate spectrum extraction in future as you don't have to scan through the whole file to find the spectrum. With the cache file, the software directly extract the spectrum from the file without searching.
Once cache file generated, you can than enter the scan number and desired m/z region. The software will extract it and send the data to a online plotting tool for plotting. The browser will open automatically.
This software is supposed to run it Windows and have java installed.



To facilitate the development of Proteomics, our company made a sponsorship to the Gorden Research Conference on Posttranslational Modification Networks. This conference will be host at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology from 28th July to 2nd August.

"This meeting is designed to promote the development of a multi-disciplinary research community at an international arena, which is expected to represent diverse disciplines like proteomics, molecular and cell biology, molecular genetics, biophysical chemistry, computational biology, systems biology, medicine and agriculture. The objective of the conference is to establish comprehensive networks of hundreds of protein posttranslational modifications (PTMs) as well as the intricate modifying/demodifying enzyme-substrate cascades during the growth and development of eukaryotic model organisms. These networks of PTMs should play important roles in regulation of cell growth, signaling, differentiation, apoptosis and epigenetics under diverse physiological conditions and in response to versatile biotic and abiotic stresses. The outcomes of the PTM proteomics and molecular systems biology research will promote advancement in field of life science and ultimately be applied to agricultural and medical biotechnology to improve both crop and bioenergy productivities and to find novel remedies to diseases."







Our company successfully become the member company of Incu-Bio Programme, HKSTPC. Our company will setup another new R&D lab at the park.This success not only demonstrated the innovativeness of our products but also the quality of our management team. The broad range of support equipment and services available in the science park would greatly facilitate our company to develop more Quantitative Proteomics products and services that suit your research needs.


Custom MS Service for Proteomics

We now provide custom tandem MS-Service for Proteomics research including subsequent data analysis, database search (i.e. Mascot ®) and quantitation for stable isotope labelled samples (e.g. using SILAC or 15N Metabolic Labelling). Together with raw experimental data, a detailed report listing the most abundant protein found and the proteins with the most significant quantification result will be provided. Charges for the service are evaluate in case-by-case basis.

For enquiry, please feel free to contact us.