Toxicomics Profiling (Toxicity Test)

High-Throughput Accessment of Compound Toxicity

About Toxicomics Profiling (Toxicity Test)

This service allows researchers to perform high-throughput profiling of the toxicity of multiple known or unknown chemical compounds in cell using our integrated Gentoxicity, Proteomics and Metabolomics Testing Platform.
The human being is in contact with up to 70.000 chemicals in daily use (EINECS database), varying from industrial chemicals (such as solvents, petrochemicals), consumer chemicals (such as pharmaceuticals, personal-care products) to biocides. Especially the chemicals out of the class of genotoxic chemicals can harm the human by causing mutation to the genome and may cause cancer. 
To assess the risk of chemicals and chemical mixtures or predict the effectivity of medication. We have developed an in vitro bioassay as high throughput screening method by using the comet assay method.
Application of Quantitative Toxicomics Profiling Service
1. New possibilities for a healthier life
The new high throughput assay allows screening measurements of a large number of samples in different areas which could not be addressed so far because of economic reasons.
2. Environmental screening
The screening of a large numbers of samples is especially necessary for the environmental screening. The high throughput comet assay offers now an easy, fast and cheap approach to investigate the carcinogenic risk of river, lakes, air, etc. caused by pollution of the industry.
3. Genotoxicity measurement
Up to now it was not possible to screen the genotoxic risk for example of pharmaceutic candidates in an early stage of the development process. By using the high throughput version of the comet assay it is possible to screen all candidates in an early stage because all procedures are done for all samples at the same time.
4. Individual cancer therapy
Effective medication is very important to avoid any site effects especially in cancer treatment.  To minimize the side effects for the human being of chemotherapy an individually designed therapy is necessary because each cancer cell reacts individual. The new comet assay enables now a prior test before the medication to evaluate the suitability of the chosen chemotherapy treatment.
The comet assay also known as single cell gel electrophoresis in vitro bioassay is widely used for pharmaceutics, medical and screening assessments.
The comet assay as an indicator test for negative effects to the genome of human cells evaluates the cancer risk of mixtures or single components by measuring the destruction of the DNA of each cell in form of a comet before a mutation takes place.
Normal                   Damaged Cell
Screening large numbers of samples in pharmaceutics, environmental screenings assessments or in medicine is very cost intense.
We developed a new tool which allows to screen a large number of samples in the same time. So one person can test up to 40 different samples a day instead of max. 2-3 by using the conventional comet assay.



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