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Quantification of Phosphoproteins

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Phosphoprotein Identification and Quantification Kit (PhosQunt Kit)
We are delighted to offer you the PhosQuant kit of N-Cell Technology. This kit contain reagents that are sufficient to perform Phosphoprotein Identification and Quantification experiments for 10 pairs of case and control samples.
Demo Experiment: Beta-casein is reduced, alkylated and digested. Digested peptides are lightly and heavily labeled using the phosphoprotein quantification reagents in PhosQuant kit. Deferentially labeled peptides are mixed in 1:1 ratio and directly enriched for phosphopeptides using the PhosphoTip contained in the kit without any extra desalting step. Phosphopetides are then eluted and desalted with ZipTip for LC-MS/MS analysis.
A. Beta-casein after dimethyl labeling and mixed in 1:1 ratio (click)
B. Deferentially labeled peptides after phosphopeptides enrichment (click)
Discussion of Result A
  • Lightly and heavily labeled peptides are successfully observed, an example is showed below:

  • For peptides with a p<0.05, the labeling efficiency is 96.3%
  • For peptides with a p<0.05, 17.4% are phosphopeptides
Discussion of Result B
  • Lightly and heavily labeled phosphopeptides are successfully observed, an example is showed below:
  • For peptides with a p<0.05, 91.7% are phosphopeptides
  • Deferentially labeled phosphopeptide can quantify by any software that can handle SILAC data, e.g. Mascot Distiller, Proteome Discoverer or Trans Proteomic Pipeline.


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