Dimethyl Labeling Kit

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Quantification of Proteins Level from any Source

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Protein Identification and Quantification Kit (Dimethyl Labeling Kit)

We are delighted to offer you the Dimethyl Labeling kit of N-Cell Technology. This kit contain reagents that are sufficient to perform Protein Identification and Quantification experiments for 10 pairs of case and control samples.
Demo Experiment - 1:1 Mixing of the Phosphoprotein B-Casein:
1. Trypsin digestion of B-Casein
2. 100ug of B-Casein is labeled with unlabeled and stabled isotope labeled dimethyl group respectively
3. Lightly labeled and heavily labeled B-casein in 2 is mixed 1:1
4. Analyze by QTOF
5. Database search 
Successful identification of lightly labeled and heavily labeled beta-casein peptides and phosphopeptides indicates the success of dimethyl labeling and no negative impact of dimethyl labeling on phosphopeptide identification respectively.
The level of differentially labeled peptide can be quantified by any software that support SILAC quantification.
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