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PlantNitro can be used to conduct 15N metabolic labelling experiment in plant. It can label proteins in plant tissues with light and heavy nitrogen differentially in high efficiency. Labelled and unlabeled tissues can be mixed together in the earliest experimental step such that random errors due to independent processing of two batch of samples could thus be minimized. As heavy nitrogen has no influence on the chemical properties of peptides, labeled and unlabeled peptides would co-elute with each other and subsequently analyzed by tandem mass spectrometer. Below is a brief outline of normal experimental flow. For detailed description of each experimental step, please consult the user manual.

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Catalogue Number: PME-001-5L
Packaging: 2x10 packs, 500ml/pack

PlantNitro® is a product for 15N metabolic labelling of plant tissue (e.g. Arabidopsis thaliana). Each box of PlantNitro® contains 20 packages of powders. Ten of them (packaged in red color) are for heavy nitrogen labelling while the other ten (packaged in white color) are for light nitrogen labelling of plant. They are used in pair in each experiment run. Each of the package can be reconstituted to 500 ml of complete medium for plant growth. The recommended pH of the final medium is pH 5.7. For details of the experimental steps, please consult the user manual.



Units in box: 2 x 10 Packs