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Other than BacNitro™, N-Cell Technology also supply another two branches of media, Silantes OD-Media and standard media, for metabolic labelling in bacteria.

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Silantes OD-Media are derived from bacterial hydrolysate. It contains primarily amino acids, some low MW oligopeptides and almost no carbohydrates. These media have same characteristics as conventional LB media for growing bacteria including high expression rates and short fermentation times. Silantes OD media are shipped as ready-to-use sterile solutions and can be used instantly for the fermentation of bacteria. These media require only the addition of antibiotics and special nutrients needed for the specific expression system.  They can be supplied in any combination of 2H, 13C and 15N. The isotopic purity for all isotopes is >98%. 
Deuteration with Silantes OD-Media is easy as careful and time consuming adaptation of cells to D2O is not needed for most E. coli strains. Since less generation time is required for the expression of a protein, results can be achieved quicker and more reliable. Combined with the minimal optimization adjustments required and the remarkably high expression yields, deuterated Silantes OD-Media are an interesting and economic alternative to D-glucose minimal D2O media.
Silantes OD-media yield preset optical densities (Figure 1) for different E. coli strains (Fig. 2). Quality control tests is in place to ensure isotope labeling, sterility and suitability of our media. The preset OD600 value is documented by a quality control certificate provided with each delivery. 
                                   Figure 1                                                                             Figure 2
OD1 Media (not induced) yield cell densities like a 0.2% glucose-M9 medium 
OD2 Media (not induced) yield cell densities like a 0,4% glucose-M9 medium 
OD4 to OD5 Media (not induced) yield cell densities as like LB-media. We also supply OD10 Media (concentrate) including salt mix. This concentrate can be diluted to the desired concentration. 

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