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BacNitro is a product for 15N metabolic labelling of bacteria, e.g. Escherichia coli. It contains all the essential nutrients, including but not limited to vitamin, trace metals, mineral ions, amino acids, oligopeptides and etc., for the growth of bacteria. This medium is suitable for the growth of a variety of bacterial strain (e.g. SURE, DH5Alpha and etc.) and particularly optimized for BL21 strain that is used extensively as a host for protein expression.

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Catalogue Number: BME-001-1L
Packaging: 1L / Bottle

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BacNitro is shipped in liquid form contained in 2 separated bottles (250ml each). One of the bottles (in red label) is for heavy nitrogen labeling while the other one (in white label) is for light nitrogen labeling of proteins in bacteria cells. Noted that they medium is shipped in 4X concentration. To prepare working growth medium, dilute the medium to 1X with steilized distilled water

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